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First Mobile eSports loyalty platform utilizing the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain

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RewardMob is disrupting the $906 million eSports industry.



RewardMob is a Mobile eSports loyalty platform integrated with Blockchain technology. Players can earn RewardMob loyalty tokens (RMOB) by unlocking rewards in their platform integrated games and in free-to-play Mobile eSports tournaments.

RewardMob are due to launch the pay-to-play RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship in Q2 2018, where users can either earn tickets by completing in qualifier tournaments, or purchase tickets via the RewardMob platform.

RewardMob for Gamers

  • Play Mobile Games and Earn Rewards
  • Rewards can be prizes, tokens, or points
  • Compete in free-to-play tournaments to win RMOB tokens
  • Tokens can be used in-game or exchanged via Waves platform
  • Compete in free-to-play qualifiers to enter the RewardMob Championship

RewardMob for Game Developers

  • Connect games with interested players
  • Increase game retention
  • Experience 4x game sessions
  • Additional revenue stream
  • Tangible rewards for userbase

Initial Traction

RewardMob have already formed partnerships with global game developers and publishers including:

RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship

RewardMob is launching the grand opening of our Pay-to-Play competitive Mobile eSports platform by holding a ticket sale where players are able to buy discounted tournament entry tickets that they can use to enter the Pay-to-Play tournaments and RewardMob Mobile eSports Championship.

Tournaments will have various buy-in levels that may require multiples of tickets in order to enter.

RewardMob will also be holding many qualifying tournaments leading up to large weekend tournaments and 4 times a year we will be hosting live global events all around the world.

  • Inaugural Mobile eSports Championship Series
  • Free-to-Play Weekday Qualifier Tournaments
  • Weekend Championship Tournaments every week
  • Quarterly Live Finals
  • Championship Finals to be streamed on Twitch
  • Brands have the ability to select and sponsor tournaments
  • Weekend Tournaments require Tickets to enter
  • Tickets can be earned or purchased directly

Latest News

Token Function

By integrating our platform with blockchain technology, we create an all-in-one solution for Game Developers, players, sponsors and our advertising partners to prosper in a decentralized ecosphere.

RewardMob is a significant innovation in mobile gaming and eSports. We will expose millions of new users to the blockchain and further advance knowledge and adoption in this space. Blockchain technology has given us the ability to create a better and more secure gaming experience for players and Game Developers. We considered other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, etc. While each have certain benefits and challenges, we found the ideal solution was to create our own token and token mechanics that best suited our players and developers.

We have put a unique focus on solving the main challenges faced by Game Developers by rewarding player loyalty, reducing transaction costs, and speeding up payment times.


Users benefit from a better gaming experience in a community where they are rewarded for their efforts.

The RewardMob token becomes the heart and soul of the platform, providing all of our users faster access and more choice of where to spend their tokens. In most mobile games, any virtual "gems" or "coins" that are earned must be used in the same game. RewardMob tokens can be used both in the app and within our partner games.

Token Usability

RMOB for Purchases

RewardMob is working on unifying a payment currency with game publishers, developers, advertisers and businesses.

We will make it easy for players to use their tokens to purchases in games on our platform as well as outside the platform. The speed and ease of use benefits our users and merchants that accept our token.

Pay-to-Play Tournaments

Tokens earned and won within our platform or bought on the exchanges can be used to compete in our pay-to-play tournaments.

RewardMob Experience

Tokens can be used to improve the RewardMob experience.

For instance, they can be redeemed for auto spin functionality and profile upgrades or they may be rewarded for referral of new players.

Tournament Tickets

Start Date: March 13th, 2018
Start Time: 4:00 PM GMT
Minimum Transaction: $20.00 USD
End Date: March 27th, 2018
End Time: 8:00 PM GMT
Maximum Transaction: $10,000.00 USD

In order to enter the Pay-to-Play tournaments you are going to need to purchase tickets. Pre-purchasing a ticket during our ticket sale will be eligible for an early bird bonus of RMOB tokens. Each player can purchase up to a maximum of 10,000 tickets during the sale. Any tickets not sold by the end of the ticket sale will result in the burning of the corresponding bonus tokens.

Mobile Gaming Market

Game play on mobile devices has exploded in the past ten years, initially catalyzed by Apple’s introduction of the iPhone and its tightly integrated App Store. In 2017, mobile gaming has grown to 2.7 billion active players, generated $43.6 billion in global revenue, and has also become the largest gaming segment representing 47% of all gaming revenue.

However, this success has resulted in an overabundance of options. Today there are over 2.2 million mobile apps in the Apple App Store alone and approximately 800,000 of these are mobile gaming apps.

This reality has created three fundamental challenges for both Game Developers and players:

  • Connecting Games with Interested Players: With so many options, connecting fun and challenging games with players who may enjoy them is difficult and expensive.
  • Engagement: Game Developers need to build and maintain engaged and enthusiastic players or they risk having them move on, dissatisfied, or simply seeking the next new thing.
  • Monetization: Game Developers must support themselves by generating revenue via a variety of methods such as in app purchases or advertising. While game players understand that Game Developers must generate revenue, players generally reject intrusive and distracting efforts to do so.

How do we help

Enhance Discovery

RewardMob allows Game Developers to acquire players more easily and at less cost. When new games are added to our community, the active users from these games are given an option to create an account with RewardMob so that they can earn rewards and compete in tournaments. These users are then exposed to all of the other games on the platform. Once players grow accustomed to earning rewards and tokens, they will be much more likely to search for a new game within the community, rather than search outside the platform for new games to play.

Improve Engagement

The RMOB Platform has proven to increase the number of times a player plays a game during the tournament by up to 4x. While the amount of time that the player plays the game has also seen an increase of up to 3x according to our analytics.

One of the most consistent and significant key performance indicators (KPI) that we measure closely is the amount of rewards that are earned versus the amount of rewards that are opened. At an open rate of 94.5%, we are able to determine that players are interested in finding out what prize their reward contains and further confirms that people enjoy the process.

Enhance Revenue and Benefit Players Directly

RewardMob creates a new revenue stream for the Game Developer through free-to-play & pay-to-play tournaments.

In our free-to-play model, players are rewarded for completing actions inside the game. For example, completing a level or collecting in game items will earn rewards. When the player opens the reward to see what they have won, we show them offers from our advertising partners. The revenue from these offers is distributed back to the players as prizes and tournament winnings.

Game Developers also receive a portion of the revenue earned from the advertising. Because the advertising revenue earned takes place outside of the game, developers can focus on improving the user experience without sacrificing revenue. In our pay-to-play model, players will use tokens that they have earned or purchased to enter skill based tournaments. The tokens that are used for entry into the tournament form the prize pool for the tournament and based on the results of the completed tournament. The Game Developers and RewardMob will also receive a share of the token pool.

RewardMob Free-to-Play

How Does it Work?

When you play games you earn rewards. Inside these rewards can be prizes, tokens or points that help you move up the tournament leaderboard.

At the end of the tournament we pay out the winners with cool prizes from our sponsors and RewardMob tokens. Players can earn bonus points and tokens by interacting with our advertising partners.

RewardMob Pay-to-Play

In the exciting world of skill based competitive eSports, RewardMob will be holding massive multi player tournaments. Players can use the tokens that they earned or purchased to enter Pay-to-Play tournaments.

Tournaments have various buy in levels, prizes pools, time limits and options.

Players will also be able to create their own tournaments on the blockchain in a decentralized nature. Thus, guaranteeing the tournament results will be paid out according to the smart contracts.

Tournament Hosts will be able to set up and run centralized or decentralized tournaments in real life venues or virtually.

Sponsors will be able to search through and sponsor any upcoming events and hosts will be able to reach out to sponsors and invite them to sponsor events.

Streamers will be able to broadcast live events and tournaments to their audience.

Using Tickets

Tickets are needed to enter any of our Pay-to-Play tournaments. Tournament entries can range from 1 ticket up to 100 or more tickets for premium events.

We will be holding Pay-to-Play tournaments daily following the conclusion of the ticket sale with different levels of entry fees and prize levels.

Tickets never expire

You can combine multiple tickets to enter tournaments with hire entry fees

After the ticket sale has ended further tournament entry tickets can only be purchased with RMOB.

RewardMob Token Supply and Distribution

RewardMob has created a total supply of 3.0 billion RewardMob tokens based on the Waves blockchains. The total token supply is fixed in perpetuity. The chart below highlights how we intend to allocate the total supply of tokens and a more detailed explanation follows.

Game Pool
1.092 Billion
Loyalty Bonus Pool
1.008 Billion
Growth Reserve Tokens
0.3 Billion
RewardMob Company
0.6 Billion
Total Token Supply
3.0 Billion

Game Pool

Given the importance of the RewardMob token to the successful operations of our RewardMob platform, 1.092 billion tokens (36.4% of total token supply) are allocated to a pool which will be made available to players as rewards (the "Game Pool"). The Game Pool will gradually be earned by game players from tournament participation and performance and via the completion of offers.

Once distributed to players, these tokens become freely circulating tokens (the "Token Pool in Circulation"). The pace at which this occurs is dependent upon the success of our efforts to attract Game Developers to the RewardMob platform and on their efforts to introduce and engage players with its capabilities.

Loyalty Bonus Pool

Since we are not selling tokens directly to the public we want to put an incentive program in place. To encourage users to participate in our Pay-to-Play tournaments. We are allocating up to 1 billion (33.6%) RewardMob tokens to those who purchase tournament entry tickets ("Loyalty Bonus Pool").

Upon conclusion of the ticket sale period we will burn all of the unallocated tokens in the Loyalty Bonus Pool that were authorized for the ticket sale.

RewardMob Company

Over the past 26 months, our team has been working to develop, test and launch the RewardMob Platform. In consideration of our past and ongoing efforts, we have allocated 600 million RewardMob tokens (20% of total token supply) to RewardMob ("Company Tokens").

Token Supply Policy

The RewardMob token supply is fixed at a total of 3.0 billion tokens. We anticipate the tokens will be used by players as in-game currency to pay for a variety of game related purchases and to enter tournaments. Each purchase replenishes the Game Pool and allows for the token to be reintroduced into circulation as a new award. The repeated cycle from Gamer Pool to Gamer Pool in Circulation and back to Gamer Pool is known as token velocity and we believe it will allow the Game Pool to remain fixed in size.

RewardMob Status

RewardMob will offer 3 levels of Status to our Members. Status levels will provide benefits to members that maintain a certain value of tokes in their accounts.


To Qualify: Maintain a minimum balance of $1,000 USD deposit in tokens in your account.

Each member that achieves this status will be granted a free entry ticket into the Silver Members Monthly Tournament.

This tournament will be free to participate in and have a minimum prize pool of $5000 USD in tokens.


To Qualify: Maintain a minimum balance of $5000 USD deposit in tokens in your account.

Each member that achieves this status will be granted a free entry ticket into the Silver and Gold Members Monthly Tournament.

This tournament will be free to participate in and have a minimum prize pool of $15000 USD in tokens.


To Qualify: Maintain a minimum balance of $10,000 USD deposit in tokens in your account.

Each member that achieves this status will be granted a free entry ticket into the Silver, Gold and Platinum Members Monthly Tournament.

This tournament will be free to participate in and have a minimum prize pool of $30,000 USD in tokens. Invitation to Live Platinum Events

Special VIP Offers

* Tokens can be purchased, earned or won in tournaments to count towards the Status Level. We constantly monitor the value of the account and display the status to the user in the app.

Referral Program

Ticket Sale Referral Bonus

Each user that creates an account with RewardMob receives a unique Referral Code that they can share with their friends.

RewardMob will pay a referral bonus of 10% in the form of RMOB tokens for every user that purchases tickets during the ticket sale.

Earn One, Get One

The referral payment continues as players compete in tournaments and earn rewards. Any time a player that was referred earns RMOB in a reward. The player that referred them receives the same amount of RMOB. There is no limit to the amount of people that each person can refer.

We have chosen to create our token using the Waves Platform. Waves is an open blockchain platform designed for ease of use and mass adoption. The platform, which was launched in April of 2016, is fully decentralised, transparent and auditable.

Here are the list of benefits that helped us make this decision.

Highly accessible

  • Clean, familiar UX
  • Chrome App or HTML Lite client
  • No blockchain download necessary

Fast, low-cost and scalable

  • Proof of Stake vs. Proof of Work
  • Low transaction fees
  • Bitcoin NG Protocol Launched December 22nd, 2017
  • 100s of txs/second compared to Bitcoin at 3 txs/second and Ethereum at 5 txs/second
  • Smart Contracts available Q1 2018

Fiat Transfer

  • Fully compliant, licensed gateways into and out of the blockchain
  • EUR, USD currencies
  • Tokens fully backed by fiat deposits
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum gateway

Decentralized Exchange

  • Peer-to-peer trading from within the client
  • Trade any pair of Waves tokens
  • Near-Realtime order matching
  • Blockchain settlement for security

Security Audit

The Waves node application was submitted to Kudelski Security for auditing. The audit took around 50 hours of work and was led by Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson who is the principal Research Engineer at Kudelski Security. The purpose of the audit was to uncover any security shortcomings in the Waves platform and help implement relevant mitigations. The Kudelski study concluded that no critical security issues were located in the audit, and concluded that the Waves platform "shows good security engineering, good choice of cryptographic components with reliable implementations thereof, and has a clear design and code. that facilitate auditing." View the entire report here.

Significant Events

The addition of the Waves NG Protocol, Smart Contracts and Mobile Dex will be quite a significant improvement to the Waves Platform and our overall business goals.

      1. The recent implementation of the Waves NG protocol increases transaction speeds on the network to hundreds of transactions per second which ensures long term scalability and performance of the RewardMob platform.
      2. We plan to implement smart contracts into our networks as soon as they are available to manage advertising and game developer contracts.
      3. The mobile DEX will allow users to trade tokens from their mobile device in an easy and secure manner.


Meet the Team

Todd Koch

Co-founder & CEO

Over 22 Years of entrepreneurial experience across a variety of industries including education, technology and finance.

Todd has an extensive background in business management & growth strategies. Building RewardMob has been his passion over the past 2 years.

Colin Bracey

Co-founder & CTO

Over 29 years of technical experience as Lead Developer for some of the largest multinational companies in the world such as Motorola, Orange, TRW, and Vodafone.

The gaming industry was new territory for Colin when he and Todd joined forces in 2015, but this partnership soon resulted in one of the most innovative companies in Canada.

Travis Kraft


With over 25 Years of sales and marketing experience, he helps bring ideas to life.

He has successfully launched a medical tourism company that was recognized globally in it’s 2nd year by WMTC held in Chicago.

Travis brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him as the co-founder of a previously successful startup.

Mark Walker

Director of Gaming

Mark’s background is in personal finance where he built one of Canada’s largest UK pension transfer companies.

His love of mobile games led him to RewardMob where he manages game acquisitions.

Alex Saunders

Software Developer

Alex has over 10 years of development experience and specializes in mobile app development. He holds a BCIS Degree majoring in Software Design & Database Administration.

Alex spent 3+ years shaping Canadian Healthcare Technology at QHR Technologies, Canada's leader in EMR.

Tanner Steele

Software Developer

Tanner has amassed several years of software development experience from a variety of subfields such as web/mobile application development, and game development.

His generalist skillset has him specializing in SDK/Integrations development at RewardMob, where he works with several game developers to improve the RewardMob developer experience.

Marc Jansen

Blockchain Advisor

Marc studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany and holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science. After five years of industry experience in running large and complex IT systems, he returned to academia in 2011, holding a Professorship for Applied Computer Science both at the University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West (Bottrop, Germany) and the Linnaeus University (Växjö, Sweden)

Guillermo Manzanares

Community Advisor & Management

Guillermo has a deep sense of responsibility to catalyze change in what he regards as a critical evolutionary phase of blockchain. In 2016, with the invention of Waves, Guillermo forged lifelong friendships with the Waves team and community. Guillermo poses strong communication skills across major world markets. You can find Guillermo roaming on multiple social media channels, where he enjoys the community and an opportunity to contribute to the expansion of blockchain’s network effect.

Thomas Newman

Director of Gaming, Europe

Thomas brings invaluable eSports and Gaming industry experience to RewardMob as the former Managing Director of both Mobile eSports platform Cashplay and Social Influencer network AppInfluencer.

Prior to gaming, Thomas held senior roles in the Financial services industry with HSBC operating as an integral part of the core project management team which involved launching an International bank across 6 countries.

Bryan Pellegrino

Co-Founder OpenToken, former CEO BuzzDraft

Advisor SCIENCE, Shipchain, Fogcoi

Bryan brings a wealth of information and experience to RewardMob. Bryan is a serial entrepreneur and has been in the crypto space since 2013.

He is an active early stage investor as well as advisor, and brings his vision and understanding of the landscape to every project he works on. He aims to create more robust token economic models and align incentives between all parties.

Jeff Donnelley

Marketing Advisor

Jeff brings 25 years of executive experience in all facets of marketing, advertising and media, building and executing strategic and tactical plans for brands globally. Jeff believes in disruptive technology, paradigm shifts and being and active change agent to deliver ROI for brands during their life cycle in the business verticals of fintech, i-gaming, e-gaming and fantasy sports including brands such as Draft Kings, Ubisoft, World of Tanks and Jam City.

Jeff’s emphasis is in market research and analysis for the purposes of planning, testing, optimizing and pivoting to identify and deliver target audiences, emerging trends, conversion events, create efficiencies and maximize ROI.

Simon Cocking

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Advisor

Simon Cocking is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and others. He is a top ranked member of the ‘People of Blockchain’ (currently ranked at #1 / 18,000).

He is also a business mentor and advisor working with 70+ successful ICOs to date. He also been named many global Twitter influencer lists in the last 12 months.

He is an accomplished public speaker at events including TEDx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and overseas in Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki in the last 12 months.

He has been based in Ireland for over 22 years and has cofounded or founded six successful companies.

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